CORK Youth Summer Trail Camp Registration Form

CORK Summer Youth Trail Camp

Registration form for CORK Summer Youth Trail Running Camp
    Acknowledgement of Risks and Agreement for Participation in the CORK Youth Summer Trail Running Camp ¬ I Hereby grant permission for my son/daughter to attend the CORK Youth Summer Trail Running Camp I understand the inherent risks my son/daughter will be exposed to by recreating and training at altitudes up to 7,500ft on wilderness terrain in varying weather conditions. I verify my son/daughter has passed a physical examination with the past two years and is physically capable to participate in camp activities. I hereby authorize the Staff and agents of CORK Youth Summer Trail Running Camp to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. I hereby waive, release, and indemnify the Camp from any and all liability for any injury or illness incurred while at camp. I understand that there are numerous risks associated with participation in any running camp activities including but not limited to hiking, swimming, running, and vehicles. Activities will take place in an outdoor environment in mountainous terrain. For this and other reasons, the risks cannot be eliminated, altered or completely controlled. Some but not all of the risks include: running on mountain trails at altitudes over 7,500’ where variable conditions exist. Counselors, guides and administrators who try and use their best judgment in determining how to react to circumstances may sometimes misjudge. Weather conditions may change rapidly and cause injury directly (hail, lightning, sunburn, etc.). Equipment used may break, fail or malfunction despite reasonable maintenance and use. Natural environment and weather in connection with any outdoor activity can create risk or injury from tree branches, falling, tripping, insect or animal contact, unstable surface conditions, rocks and dirt. ¬ I give my permission to use any individual or group photographs showing my child/children at CORK Youth Summer Trail Running Camp participating in activities for publicity and brochure purposes. ¬ I give my permission for my child to enter into all activities other than any restrictions listed, including trips away from the running camp premises whether on foot, or by camp vehicle. I also give my permission for running camp staff to apply sunscreen to my child. ¬ I understand that in the event that my child has a medical emergency, if I cannot be reached by phone this constitutes a release for the treating physician(s) and guarantees payment. I understand CORK Youth Summer Trail Running Camp DOES NOT provide medical insurance and I am responsible for all medical bills. ¬ I understand that any part of CORK Youth Summer Trail Running Camp program may take place on public land. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Department of the Interior, The United States Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. ¬ I agree that my child and I will assume all of the risks whether known or unknown and do hereby release and forever discharge the CORK Youth Summer Trail Running Camp, its administrators, employees and agents of any liability, with respect to any injury, illness, damage or death, occurring to my child while he/she participates in any and all camp programs, activities and transportation. ¬ I agree that the law of the State of Oregon shall govern this document and all other aspects of my and my child’s relationship with the CORK Youth Summer Trail Running Camp, and its agents and employees. Further, I agree that any legal proceeding concerning such relationship must be filed exclusively in the State of Oregon. I have full custody of this child and am authorized to sign the agreement. I have read and understand the above and agree to be bound by the terms of this document.
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