Keds For Kids

KEDS for KIDS – no feet left behind

$840.00 raised to buy new gym shoes!!!!


Thanks to all our Raffle Prize Sponsors and thanks to all that participated by

buying a raffle ticket(s). $840.00 was raised for the purchase of new gym shoes

for kids at Juniper, LaPine and Jewell Elementaries. We were able to purchase

84 new pairs of shoes, 48 pairs of socks and 6 pairs of extra shoelaces. A

donation of 7 pairs of gym shoes by Laura and Andy Schob brought the total

number to 91 pairs of shoes.

The shoes were delivered to Teacher Kaleo Renstrom atJuniper Elementary on

and Jewell Elementaries.

A special thank you to Laura Schob, our shoe shopping diva. She has an eye

for a bargain and an organized method for buying over 80 pairs of shoes at

once! Thank you also to Payless Shoes and their awesome employees Melanie

McCauley and Amethyst Miller, who donated an additional 20% discount AND

kept our orders organized.

The success of this raffle allowed us to really expand the program. Moving

forward, we hope to include as many Deschutes County Elementary Schools

as express interest. I will be attending a meeting of the County PE teachers in

March to discuss future goals and plans. Please contact me if you would like to be

involved future efforts.

. Kaleo will organize the distribution of the shoes going to LaPine


New Years Day Raffle Winner: Gary Grimm, our CORK “mailman”. His lucky

ticket earned: $100 Footzone gift certificate; 1 entry into the 2014 Dirty Half; 1

entry into a 2014 Superfit Productions race; 1 $50 gift certificate from lotus eater

henna; 1 LS Technical CORK shirt; a Six pack of tasty Picky Bars.

Woot Woot Gary!


Tracy Miller

CORKBoardie n KEDS for KIDS – no feet left behind organizer

Footzone: $100 gift certificate; 1 entry into the 2014 Dirty Half

SuperFit Productions: 1 entry into a 2014 SFP race

Lotus eater henna: $50 gift certificate

C.O.R.K.: 1 LS Technical Tee with CORK logo

Dudes and Dudettes ofPicky Bars: 6 pack of Picky Bars

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