CORK Youth Cross Country

CORK Youth XC is a developmental program.  Geared towards preparing kids to compete in the USATF Junior Olympic Cross Country series, this program teaches the basics of running.  Practices are built around actual workouts, but with a hefty amount of fun included.  Teamwork, sportsmanship, form, and nutrition are all addressed.  Practices start late October.

CORK Youth XC Practices begin October 24th

Days – Mon, Wed, Thurs
Time –  4 – 5:30pm
Location – Drake Park
Start Date – We will have the official start of CORK XC 10/24, the week of middle school districts.
Coaches – Max King, Kari Strang, others (TBD)
Ages – 8* – 19 yrs (*younger/elementary kids, and/or kids unable to complete a standard workout may require additional parent involvement in order to participate)

Practices will involve a group warm-up, stretching/drills, a “workout” (intervals, hills, long run), strength conditioning, and sometimes games.  Coaching advice regarding team work, sportsmanship, leadership, running form, nutrition, pacing, hydration, etc. will be incorporated as well.  Average total distance in practice will be 4miles.  We focus on keeping the atmosphere fun, while building skills to aid in a competitive XC season.  All kids with a passion for running and willingness to try/work hard are welcome.

To register for the CORK Youth XC season, you’ll first need to register for CORK.  Please sign up on the CORK website  You will want to sign up for a CORK Youth XC “membership”.  The cost is $30 for the season.  Member dues go towards minor expenses, XC National travel scholarships, need based scholarships, and off setting some travel costs for coaches (without kids in CORK).  Need based membership scholarships are available.  If interested, please contact one of the CORK XC coaches for details.

If you would like to compete in the Junior Olympics, you will need to complete a few other steps. 
1)  You will need a usatf youth membership: if this is your first time competing 

2) You will also need to be “age verified” with usatf oregon: Age Verification Rules

All practices and meets are optional.  Participation in meets is not required to be a part of the program.

Schedule for USATF Youth XC can be found here:  (optional / developmental meets)  Many of the dates listed are developmental meets.  The actual “Junior Olympic” meets are listed below…

Key dates:
Association (State) XC Meet – 11/6 – Wilsonville, OR
Regional meet – 11/19 – Wilsonville, OR
National meet – 12/10 – Florida

Please pass this message along to any other runners/families that you think may be interested.  All the coaches are really looking forward to another great CORK Youth XC year with you.  We wish you all the best in the remainder of your seasons.  See you soon!

Coaches Max & Kari
Contact: Max King at or Kari Strang at

CORK Youth Cross Country for 1 Child
$30 for 1 year
CORK Youth Cross Country for 2 Children
$60 for 1 year
CORK Youth Cross Country for 3 Children
$90 for 1 year